Our site is temporarily unavailable for purchases as we change over to an Affiliate Sales Model. We should be back up by December or before. Click here for more details.

February 2014 Update and Offerings:

Our mid Feb update includes a sale on 300 Blackout ammunition. We have 150g flat point target/varmit hunting ammo for 59 cents a round in 500 round minimums.This includes shipping to your door. We have about 10,000 rounds available so act now. This round will knock a pig down at 200 yards...

Another deal breaker is 9mm 115g Polycoated lead in Once fired brass for 27 cents a round DELIVERED, yes including shipping, which is usually 4-10 cents a round from others. This is available in 250 round mimnimums. (it just cost too much to ship lower quantities and raises the price too much.) We also have strong pricing on 9mm plated and Hollow Point rounds in new brass as well.

We still have "smoking deals" on AR platform 300 Blackout Rifles and 556 AR rifles.  Or consider an upper in 300 Blackout for your current 223 or 556 based rifle...300 blackout is a great caliber for Pig hunting and home defense. Anyone out there with an AR in 223 or 556 shouls consider changing over to 300 Blackout if you are considering using the platfrom for home Defense. the bullet is 2-5 times the grain weight of a 556. that translates into much more stopping power. with a 250g subsonic round its much quieter (250g Subsonic means it doesn't break the sound barrier and make that loud crack) and will not have as much overkill distance.

We have distribution deals with over 100 major companies so if you are looking for a specific gun let us know and we will try and acquire it for your at distributor prices.


January 2014 Update and Offerings:

Look at our weapons systems prices...$299 for an AR-15 556 upper, also available in a 300 Blackout Upper for $359. These prices include shipping and will run though January 31st.          (If you are a current AR owner, these 300 Blackout uppers will replace your 223/556 upper, use your current Bolt Carrier Group and Magazines.)

TAC is adding some pistol platforms for sale at very good prices, including Glock, Taurus and Kel-Tec this month. We also have five packs of 30 Round Magazines for AR's starting at $75 including shipping to you.

We have added some Federal, Remington, Winchester, PMC and other types of Ammunition and will be adding much more in the coming months now that those agreements are in place.

We have over 20,000 products that will be coming available to members in 2014! While we have distributor agreements in place with many companies, allot of products have not come into stock with the distributors. We can check for you with an email to us and will supply prices on specific firearms, if available. We can acquire firearms from most major firearms manufacturers.

We have GREAT PRICES on 300 Blackout ammo that TAC will build out later this month, the components are on hand now. We are offering 150 grain Plated Flat Nose target rounds  and 110 Grain Nosler Hunting rounds at prices lower than anyone currently. There are limited supplies so order NOW. (subsonic will come later on) 

We also still offer exotic Shotgun Ammo, like fireball and others, at Great Distributor Prices in quantities of 25. All prices include shipping.

We will also offer a Level Three Ballistic Bullet Proof vest for $299 delivered price in Green, Tan and Black. This vest comes with two Steel Plates with a comfortable foam lining and stops rounds up to and including 556 and 7.62 armor piercing rounds!! Yes, $299. Delivered to you!

We believe that we (TAC) will be lower than most all other web sites pricing for our members. We are not always going to be lower than a Gun Show reloader or small Gun Show seller that does not pay/avoids the 11% excise tax as a manufacturer and does not have to charge shipping. We are now offering lower priced ammo in 556 and 9mm and will continue to add low priced lead or poly coated lead ammo to the site, please be patient.  Some 300 Blackout 147 Grain ammo is now available beginning in November as well.

NOTE: We understand that steel cased ammo with metal bullets will always be cheaper. Keep in mind that those rounds do destroy your barrels over 10,000 rounds or so. We are not currently carrying that ammo and don't plan to at this point in the near future.

About Ammo Club

The Ammo Club (TAC) provides an exclusive and limited "Club Membership Program" for ammunition purchases in the U.S.A. by manufacturing and/or acquiring ammunition from other providers EXCLUSIVELY for our members. The club membership allows a member to purchase up to $3000 in ammunition per year at wholesale cost with a discounted shipping/insurance rate. TAC will guarantee a specific level of inventory to members for purchase during any two year period during the year 2015 and beyond in which the U.S.A. experiences ammunition shortages (such as, but not including, the 2009 and 2013 shortages due to changes in political climate). Membership in this club does not in any way infer or guarantee that all member orders will be completely filled in 2013, nor does it infer or guarantee that this is a solution to the current 2013 ammunition shortage.  This membership offers our current members wholesale prices on ammunition in the future and availability of ammunition at reasonable prices during shortages in the future (2015 and beyond).

Memberships will be limited on a yearly basis to a specific number of members in a geographical area (state).  This enables TAC to assess manufacturing to guarantee membership satisfaction and order fulfillment. Each year TAC will review its ability to supply its members and allow new members to sign up, provided adequate supplies exist.

TAC began selling memberships June 1st, 2013 and will begin offering limited ammunition for sale to members throughout of 2013. TAC's goal is to meet membership required manufacturing volumes during the first year, August 2013 to August 2014.

Customer Lead Generation Program: $5 credit toward ammunition purchases for each new member that a current member signs up. (Members will be assigned a member number; which the new member will reference when signing up to identify the who will be receiving credit.)

Details Regarding this NEW Concept in Ammunition Purchasing: This concept is new. It is genuine, well funded and will have longevity. Remember, since this is new, we are adding information to the website every week. This club was formed recently to aid people in acquiring ammunition to shoot and/or stockpile. Our goal is to treat you like we would want to be treated. We have purchased manufacturing systems and will be producing ammunition in Utah and most likely, Texas. We also are contracting ammunition production currently with both small and large shops in the U.S.A.

Ammunition that we will not manufacture, we will do our best to purchase in volume from other manufacturers and pass on that very competitive pricing to our members without markup. These types of ammunition not manufacturered by us will include some types of custom hunting rounds, all rim fire like 22 and .17HMR and shotgun ammunition. We will manufacture the most common calibers of center-fire pistol and rifle ammunition for target and tactical applications as well as types common to bulk storage. Our prices will be legitimate wholesale prices. Please consider that on all of our ammunition there are Federal Excise Taxes that actual manufacturers like TAC have to pay, as well as credit Card Processing fees that are built into our pricing already. These are fees that most small gun show ammo sellers/reloaders don't end up paying and passing on, especially on a cash basis.   Our prices are generally below those gun show prices and the aggrigator displayed prices (for Brass Case, we do not sell Steel Case ammo). And in the gun show example, with TAC you don't pay the gun show fee, parking fees now in some cases, or need to use up your weekend time and gas to acquire your ammo, unless you choose to. 

Our Ammunition will be shipped to your door exercising an agreement brokered with UPS ground offering a substantial shipping discount. This discount has been arranged for the benefit of our members. We are selling a VERY limited number of memberships per state in 2013. We expect to close 2013 membership sales by the late-fall in some states, based upon current signup rates.

Our aim is to inform you regarding membership levels as they close in on selling out, as opposed to, once an area is fully developed and possibly sold out for 2013. Examples of prices will begin to appear on the website beginning in late July as this ground floor opportunity unfolds. Please remember, sites like Gunbot are pricing aggregators that send you to other sites to purchase. We are a manufacturer and reseller to members only and will offer lower prices than the retail prices you see on other sites. In time, we might be listed on aggrigate sites; although, it will be "member only pricing".  If the memberships are sold out for the year, those potential, new members will have to wait to join until our ability to manufacture and acquire ammunition increases, re-opening our membership availability. Our goal is to serve our current members before expanding.

Prices will likely be better as prices on our components improve, and the current 2013 shortage comes to an end. It is already beginning to show signs of ending, and we are all hopeful it ends soon. Some wholesale prices towards the end of the 2013 shortage period might be higher than expected in the short term; we expect them to drop to more normal 2012 levels, although we cannot predict the new pricing levels post 2013 shortage period. We will do our best to keep prices down from our end. We at TAC do expect another shortage within the next 2-5 years so please plan to be prepared in advance. And please remember, we are not offering a solution to the current shortage problem; we are offering an opportunity for our “members" to purchase ammunition at wholesale prices in the future. We will also have other products for "Members Only" such as:  lights, rails, stocks, guns like AR-15's in 556 and 300 Blackout, uppers, lowers and multiple other items, that we will negotiate prices on for our members.  Again, these will be for members only. We are a wholesale club similar to Costco and Sam's Club, both of which have proved that "Wholesale Buying Club" concept works. We are actually going a step further and LIMITING memberships to better serve our current members.

The Ammo Club's first year membership with initiation dues are $139.99 at Gun Shows as of October 2013 with a $149.99 web sign up price.  Following that, it is annually $49.99/year to retain your membership. (We do not keep your credit cards on file (unless you are on a financing Gun Show Special option and have signed an agreement allowing us to do so); in most cases you will be asked each following year by email if you would like to continue your membership.) If you are not a big user of ammunition perhaps this concept might not be for you. If you are a large user, membership costs add up to less than a penny a round the first year and fractions of a penny a round for years after. Consider, however, that one membership might be helpful to supply no only you, but also other members of your family, and/or a friend(s) as well. Again, if the concept is not for you, we understand; thanks for considering it.

A Message from TAC Owners:

“This company is comprised of a group of successful businessmen that were in a financial position to acquire the manufacturing equipment, lease a building and retain a staff to manufacture ammunition, initially for themselves.  Many individuals requested to be included in the group. Due to those requests, we decided that we would open availability up to allow a limited number of members. We decided to allow individuals to participate with us and receive ammunition at wholesale prices through a club concept framework with a very small upfront fee.  We debated whether to include anyone else, or just produce enough for ourselves, or charge members a higher price for their ammunition instead of a yearly fee, or offer the opportunity to participate in a limited club membership to offset costs of producing more ammunition. We chose to ask them if they would like to join us and finally decided to use the membership format.  

We understand that this might not have been everyone's choice from a business perspective; it is ours.  While the club concept is obviously not for everyone, thousands of people have been presented with this concept, see the opportunity, share the vision, and are very positive about it.  We put up a substantial amount of funding in advance to create this. Asking for $150 or less a few weeks prior to a shipment to enable expansion and share the same opportunity seems more than reasonable to us based on our initial, significant financial commitment.  

As a group, we collectively have more than 100 years of business experience, and much of it in Fortune 500 related businesses at the executive level.  We have been successful in other endeavors and are already successful in this as well.  Our memberships are extremely limited, and we are offering to share the opportunity with others that share our interests.

There are certainly dedicated re-loaders, other manufacturers and those who have additional sources for their ammunition that might not have an interest in this; we certainly understand.  Because of current supply limitations during the 2013 shortage, many individuals might not have the opportunity to participate with us this year or next.   As supplies begin to become more available, more members will be able to participate.  We will do our best to supply our members.  We will sell ammunition at wholesale beginning this fall to our members.  Please keep in mind, that this is NOT a solution to the current shortage problems, but presented as an opportunity to buy ammunition in the future at wholesale. Members can rest assured that we follow all laws related to this business in the U.S.A.

"This is a free country, let’s all do our best to keep it that way!  Exercise your Rights and Buy Guns and Ammunition!"


*Inventory access due to a TAC defined "Event" causing shortages in ammunition will be provided when TAC has sufficient inventory within the first 18 months after production begins. It will be provided for a two year period to current members only, it will not cover consecutive two year periods back to back and will require 24-36 months in between shortage periods (as defined by TAC) to replenish inventory. (Expected inventory will be approximately 200-500 rounds per member depending on the calibers) It will be available to members at a below retail price plus shipping. In the case of a catastrophic event, such as a war on US soil, a climate or volcanic emergency of great magnitude or an EMP event that prevents MFG and/or Shipping, inventories will not be guaranteed. All members are urged to stockpile ammunition themselves to guard against shortages in the future.